Student Loan Help - Quick-To-Learn is an unsecured private consumer loan for your education financing needs. Loans available: K-12 through graduate.
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Student Loan Help: Need Help understanding the Quick-To-Learn Student Loan?

Did you know:

Quick-To-Learn is an unsecured private consumer loan for your education financing needs. Loans are available from K-12 through graduate school. A Quick-To-Learn loan can also help pay for education related expenses that may not be covered by other forms of financial aid.

What are my repayment options?
Continuing Education

Student Loan Help: More information on Quick-To-Learn Student Loans:

Cosigners | Benefits | Other Education-Related Expenses | Application Process


Most students will need a cosigner to qualify for a Quick-To-Learn Loan. Creditworthy students may apply without a cosigner if they meet all five of these requirements:

1. Unless you are retired, you must have a satisfactory employment history for at least the last two years (if you are self-employed, you must have been in business for at least the last two years),
2. You must have proof of current positive income (if you are self-employed, your business must also have a net positive income for the last 2 years),
3. You must have at least 21 months of credit experience and a satisfactory credit history,
4. You must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident and have resided in the U.S. for the previous two years, and
5. You must have resided at your most current and immediately preceding addresses for a total of at least one year.

Students who do not meet these requirements may apply with an eligible U.S. cosigner.

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Quick-To-Learn Private Loans Offer these Benefits:

1. Funds sent directly to you
2. Repayment can begin after graduation*
3. No financial aid forms or school certification required
4. Deferment Options Available for Undergraduates*
5. Interest may be tax deductible (consult your tax advisor)

*Undergraduate borrowers may choose to defer repayment until six months after graduation or ceasing to be enrolled at least half time in school. Interest only and immediate repayment options are also available. Graduate loan repayment is automatically deferred. Continuing education borrowers begin repayment the earlier of a) six months after the student graduates or earns a certificate; b) six months after the student ceases to be enrolled; or c) two years after the date of the loan disbursement. K-12 loans are immediate repayment loans.

You can get Money for:

1. Tuition
2. Room and Board
3. Other education related expenses; like a computer, transportation to and from home, or previous years education costs

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Begin the Application Process

Students can borrow from $1500 up to $40,000* annually for education related expenses. Most students need a cosigner to qualify. Applicants must be U.S. citizens, nationals or permanent residents. International students may apply with a qualified U.S. cosigner. Contact us for more details.

Please use our website to educate yourself for all of your student loan needs. Once you graduate you may be interested in consolidating your student loans. Please contact us with any questions you may have.

*Undergraduate and graduate borrowers may borrow annually up to the lesser of the cost of attendance or $30,000 ($40,000 for certain schools where the cost of attendance has been determined to exceed $30,000). Borrowers in Continuing Education and K-12 loan programs may borrow annually up to $30,000.

If a potential cosigner is applying for an Quick-To-Learn loan with you, the same information is needed from the cosigner. All applicants will be asked if they have ever defaulted on an education loan or declared bankruptcy.

Saved Application Feature: If you do not have all the required information available when applying, you can save the application to complete at a later time.

Please have the following information ready before you proceed with the online application:

* Personal information
o Your full name
o Social Security number
o Date of birth
o Name of the school you will be attending

* Contact information
o Home address (no P.O. Boxes)
o Length of time lived there
o Home telephone number

* Employment information
o Employer’s name
o Occupation/position
o Length of time worked there
o Employer’s telephone number

* Credit information
o Gross income (If applying with a co-signer, you do not need to provide income information for yourself.)
o Sources of additional income
o Amount of additional income
o Monthly rent/mortgage payment (include home equity payments)
o Loan default/bankruptcy status (Have you or your co-signer ever defaulted on a student loan or declared bankruptcy?)

* Personal references (If applying with a co-signer, you each need your own, separate references.)

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